PING is one of the fastest growing multi platform networks with channels and exclusive content creators spread across the infotainment (music, gaming, entertainment) and utility (food tech, beauty and fashion) genres. They have very strong relationships with the entire content community and work closely with YouTube to help content creators showcase their talent.
There are two ways to partner with PING: 1) Kindly fill up & submit the ‘Join Our Network’ form & we’ll get back to you at the earliest. 2) Call us & ask to speak to the Acquisition Manager. He or She will guide you through the process.
1) No copyright or community strikes. 2) At least 1000 views per month. 3) Regular uploads. 4) Good quality content and an orderly conduct that respect the guidelines laid by PING & YouTube.
We don’t specifically look for any specific genre of channels. Our focus is primarily on the quality of the content and the frequency of new video uploads. We encourage you to build conversations with your fans. Our biggest requirement is good quality and original content.
Unfortunately you cannot partner with us if your Adsense is disabled. You can appeal your ban and if your account gets reinstated you can apply for partnership again! Check your email associated with the disabled Adsense account for more information on how to appeal.
Post signing the agreement, the process of joining should just take a couple of minutes as it is a matter of a few clicks.
You will always have full creative control over your channel. We will never limit your creative freedom.
You will have a dedicated partner manager who will work closely with you on your channel. He/She will monitor your channel analytics and give you content ideas in order to drive your views. Our Partner managers are content creators/producers themselves. We will also provide you resources like royalty free music, copyright education, industry updates but those are resources that you choose to use. We also provide you complete transparency to your earning data, as well as other proprietary partner data from our dashboard.
1) Brands Connect 2) Dedicated Partner Manager 3) Social Media Promotions 4) Community Building 5) Monthly Contests 6) Paid Digital Promotions 7) Customized thumbnails and banners 8) Advanced GEO Restriction policies 9) YouTube Live
The Ping team is an award winning team of ex broadcast professionals who bring with them years of experience to build high quality content. They will help you grow your audience and make conversations with them. They will help you brand, promote and display your content as a world-class product. All these animations, branding and knowledge could come to you for FREE. Other than this you would get access to the Multi Cam HD studios currently located in Mumbai and soon to extend in many other cities of India. We would also help you to collaborate and partner with many different content partners from around the world. Needless to mention the large network allows your content to be promoted, marketed and displayed to a very large audience globally.
When you partner with us, as content partners you would get access to one of the largest music libraries in the world. We offer our partners exclusive access to millions of free tracks already cleared for web usage. This can be downloaded and used in your videos. These allow you to be a good community member with no copyright violations.
There is no age limit to partner with us or join our Network. However, if you areunder 18 we will need your parent’s or guardian’s consent prior to completing the partnership process.
We do not guarantee the amount of revenue. We guarantee the possibility of revenue. It comes down to the amount of views you get per video, the quality of videos, active subscribers and social networking. All these factors play an important role in deciding the amount of revenue you generate. Partnering with professionals like us will enable you to continuously improve on all these parameters & therefore probably improve the revenue you earn.
Your first payment will be come after 60 days post the commencement of our partnership with PING Network. For instance, if the partnership commences in November, your payment will be made in January.
During the association, you will get a regular payment by 15th of every month, immediately after YouTube pays us
Payments are made in Indian Rupees (INR).
Payment will be made via PayPal, bank account transfer, and issue cheque or through wire transfer. We provide an option for you to choose the mode of payment while you sign the contract.
It is likely for everyone to notice a decline in revenue compared to other months and seasons. There are multiple reasons why, 1. Not many advertisers are actually advertising with high budgets on YouTube in some months like January or February, which will ultimately drop your CPM/revenue your side. 2. Your monetised views are lower than other months. Less monetised views equals less revenue and more monetised views equals more revenue for you. You can see your estimated CPM and Monetised playbacks (views) on your YouTube Analytics under Ad Performance tab.